Modun Group is a property development company based in Melbourne, Australia, that focus on development in residential and commercial properties, as well as professional management in property development.

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Branding Story

Visual and Meaning

The letter M embedded in the circle set on the left side, the sketch shaped like the letter D on rely on the right side, together formed as the acronym of Modun. We use minimalist geometry, stylish yet steady design elements, and cooperate with mysterious fonts to create a timeless and atmospheric visual image. The circle symbolizes a dot, which means that Modun has a good starting point; the semicircle symbolizes a comma, which means that M will continue to move forward in the future.

Melbourne. More. Modun.

We designed the logo focusing on the letter “M,” by understanding the philosophy of the company, and the perfect connection with all wonders that begins with “M.” Such as Melbourne, Miracle, Motivation, Mate, Masterpiece, Mastermind and Magnificence…